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Sunday, July 19, 2009


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What NOT to Mix in Life

We are always told what to do, what action to take, what book we should read, what organization we should join, etc. The advice is out there in a big way should you choose to seek its word. I'd like to take a different approach and discuss some things in life that should not be mixed - and you will be a better person and most likely more successful by doing so.

This list by all means should be bigger - so if I capture your attention - tell me if you agree or disagree and I want to know what should be added from your perspective.

Don't Mix - Drinking & Driving.

This is probably a no brainer for most of you and not even remotely an issue, but for certain people it's most definitely a problem. I'm a bit younger and know that it happens all the time - and it happens in your town as well as mine. So drink as you wish, but don't ever get your car keys involved.

Don't Mix - Money & Emotion.

Not an easy one to really grasp - but it applies to everybody. It's simple, do not make rash financial decisions based on your emotions. When decisions are based on emotions - rationality tends to escape you. I often use the old rule, wait one week and see how you feel about that same decision - reducing emotions impact and allowing you to make a grounded decision.

Don't Mix - Dishonesty & your Career.

Who am I kidding, this should say "dishonesty and life" right? Not so fast, that's a bit too generic to swallow and take from. Your job, profession, career - whatever it is that you do for a living - maintain an underlying principle of integrity and honesty. Your job is no different than life - there are tough times, there is bad news, there are people that you don't like and people that might not like you - but being honest and true to yourself will pay dividends now and for a long time to come. Being dishonest and hoping that someone, like your boss, doesn't find out is no way to go about your business - and is quite unprofessional. So, it's not always easy, when things get sticky or you have to deliver bad news just stick to your guns, be yourself and be honest.

Don't Mix - Negativity & Action Assessment

Due to the weak title of this last one, I owe you a bit of an explanation. Anytime your mind escapes to pondering taking action on a dream, a conflict, any decision in your life where you are considering and evaluating options - keep negativity far far away. You hear it time after time - "can't" should simply not be a word that you use when it's a matter of your abilities or doing something you know is challenging, something that might require a lot of hard work and dedication. Your attitude and frame of mind are consequently critical to the decisions you make and the ultimate direction of your life.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 6

Today's quote is something that I think every person realizes at some point as they develop into a responsible adult. I am not a supporter of Donald Trump's values and practices, but I've breezed through a couple of his books and he does have good quotes and general advice. This is one quote that I particularly like and one that is worth putting some thought behind.

"Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential" - Donald Trump

Initial Thoughts: We've all been told at some point in our lives that it's important to always do your best at whatever it is you are doing and to always put forth your best effort. It sounds great - but it can be tough. Who wants to give their energy and best effort to something they do not like doing?

Digging Deeper: Giving "continuous effort" is a bit of a twist on simply giving your best effort. Continuous effort is about proactivity and involves constant experimentation - more of a trial and error approach. Putting in continuous effort allows you set a foundation, grow and ultimately build something that is worthwhile. A simple analogy is sports, the best athletes in the world constantly work, train, and study every aspect of their sport to reach their potential. Lebron James and Peyton Manning are two of today's most successful and revered athletes - who are the best at what they do. It's not just their talent that makes them the best - it's the continuous effort they commit to giving throughout all phases of the year.

What to Walk Away With: If you can continuously give your best effort - well then you are on your way to unlocking your potential. Giving continuous effort in one facet of your live will lend to others - such as your relationship, your family, friends, profession, etc. Just keep in mind, if you want to be the best you can be and reach your potential - don't ever give up and give continuous effort. Not everything works out in life, so don't get derailed by obstacles that might put a dent in your armor.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5 Methods to Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Most people could benefit from improving efficiency and becoming more productive in all aspects of life, whether it's your job, grocery shopping, managing your email inbox, paying your bills, etc.

Proper planning and simple steps taken can pay dividends and ultimately make a big impact on your life. Here are some easy things you can do everyday to get things done:

Take 5

Everyday, dedicate 5 minutes in the morning to plan what you need to accomplish in that day. The more detailed you can get the better. If you can plan your day down to buckets of time to complete specific tasks - then do it.

As your day winds down, take 5 minutes before you go to bed to reflect on the day. What was accomplished? How did you progress towards your goals? What problems were solved? What new problems need to be addressed? Document the days' important moments and milestones.

If you commit yourself to doing this everyday, you are sure to get more accomplished than if you blindly attack each day. And by doing so, you are creating a journal, or a log of what you are doing to reach your goals, how you are addressing life's problems, etc. Then at the end of each week, each month, each year - you can again reflect back upon your performance. Becoming more conscious of how you are utilizing your time is key to becoming more efficient and productive in life and in business.

Do it 7 Times in a Row

Develop weekly challenges and do something to better yourself for 7 days. This creates a foundation to build upon. Once you get used to disciplining yourself for a week you begin to build the confidence needed to attack bigger and better obstacles. If you are persistent in setting and achieving 7 day challenges, you learn how strong you can be and that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Try it out and make sure you again keep a log or journal of your challenges and what it took to complete the challenge.

The 3 D's

I love the rule of the 3 D's - Do it, Delegate it, or Delete it. Are you unorganized? Do you procrastinate? Is your inbox always full? If you keep in mind and live by the 3 D's - you will most likely simplify your life, reduce clutter and become quite a bit more productive. The basis of this rule is to not put things off. Life's lessons have taught us that putting something off makes it instantly harder and tougher to deal with.

Begin with the End

Learning to visualize can prove to be such a valuable tool for success. Think about it. How can you really come to the end if you don't know where you are going? Not only does visualizing help you plan, but it can be a foundation for ideas and getting yourself organized. Before you start any project, business, task - spend as much time as it takes to identify exactly what you expect to accomplish and exactly what the desirable end result is going to be. Do not start something without planning first. Again, documentation and tracking your progress is crucial.

Attitude is Everything

There are so many great quotes on attitude. I have commented on a few in prior posts. The one thing you can control when you wake up everyday is your attitude - and it shows. Your attitude becomes very transparent and it shines through your work. Having the right attitude can be the difference between being highly productive or being unorganized and unproductive. When you wake up, tell yourself how lucky you are to have today to make a difference in your life - and someone else's life for that matter.

Reflection is critical. As you may have noticed, in all 5 methods to improve your efficiency as a person in life, keeping record of your actions and behavior is essential for continuous growth.

10 days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 5

In continuing the discussion on pulling inspiration and motivation from great quotes, I've chosen one that hits the negative thinkers of the world.

"The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us."

Initial Thoughts: Bad things happen every day and they happen to people that may not be deserving of misfortune. When one lets an occurrence run their lives for an extended period of time, the stronger and more impactful that misfortune becomes. It's initial impact only cuts deeper and gains strength if it isn't concsiously addressed. If you are in a situation where it's tough not to dwell on something, take the word "can't" out of your thought process - and know that you have the will and the power to change - even turning your misfortune into a personal motivator or driver.

Digging Deeper: There are different matters of misfortune in our lives. Losing a loved one is much different than say losing your job. Both are very misfortunate happenings, however, it's much more difficult to overcome the emotional impact of losing a loved one. That is where your network of family and friends can be of great value. The quote still holds true, as dwelling on the fact that one has passed will only keep your spirits pinned down. I plan to touch on this subject more in a later post.

Let's use the second misfortune mentioned - losing your job or simply being broke. Yes, you may not have deserved it, but it happened didn't it? This is where you have the power to turn things around. Thinking positively and churning the negative thinking that comes with dwelling out of your psyche is a must. You CAN get a new job and WILL. If you are broke, maybe you've made some regrettable financial decisions. Well guess what, YOU can stop digging that hole and climb your way out by making smarter decisions - laying a foundation for the future and never turning back. Educate yourself if you have to on becoming financially literate.

What to Walk Away With: Again, bad things happen to everybody. Maybe you've been dealt a bad hand. It's in your power to change your cards. Develop methods to change your mindset to overcome challenging times - be the master of your own behavior - dwelling on a situation will literally keep you standing in place, and probably send you backwards.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 4

I've decided to finish out working through some awesome quotes before I get into my journey that took me through Guatemala and Honduras for the last ten days or so. It was an adventure and experience that I will definitely never forget - and one that I look forward to sharing. So today's quote is definitely one of my personal favorites and one that many people who feel like they have been "unlucky" throughout their life should take a second to reflect on and think about.

"The harder I work, the luckier I get" - Samuel Goldwyn

Initial Thoughts: Working hard and committing yourself to something you stand behind is the first step towards catching breaks or getting "lucky". Yes, some people truly do get lucky and win millions in the lottery, or are simply born into a very privileged family. Some may consider those folks as being lucky. But even considering those lottery winners or flat out lucky people is really taking this quote out of context.

Digging Deeper: Many people feel as though they just can't catch a break and are destined to fail because they simply have "bad luck". Well, that is crap and just isn't true. Now, if that is your mindset and you've given up on overcoming these challenges that coincide with bad luck - then you most likely will continue to experience such unfortunate times. It goes back to a previous quote I have covered, "I think, therefore I am." If you think you are just an unlucky person, chances are your fortunes will not be desirable.

Getting to the essence of the quote, it's about putting yourself in a position to achieve results that are to your liking, that meet your goals, and that get you closer to the ideal life that you would like to live. Working hard does not go unnoticed, whether you are on a competitive team in a large corporation - or trying to establish your own business in your local community. It's really amazing what you can do with some intense focus and hard work. People will notice.

What to Walk Away With: In life, it's simple, it's those that commit to working hard that wind up successful. It's those folks that are viewed by the younger generations that think to themselves "wow, that guy is lucky to be able to travel the world" - but chances are, that guy has put in years of hard work in order to achieve goals that ultimately lead to a place in life that many people will never get to and that many consider to be "lucky".

Friday, June 26, 2009

Leaving the Country - Seeking Inspiration!

I will not be posting until July 5th as I am leaving the country for a trip to Guatemala and Honduras. During this time I will hopefully taking some great photos to share and also some new perspective on life in general. It's always interesting and beneficial to personal development to immerse yourself into a new culture. Just like in life, it's a matter of understanding how each and every opportunity is a chance to grow and learn something new. So wish me luck! I look forward to continuing the 10 days of discussing some great quotes that I've learned to live by and use as motiviation in my daily life.

The picture is a shot of the island that I will be staying during the latter half of my trip - the Roatan Island.

UPDATE: I've replaced the picture of the island with a shot of someone's home in the colonial town of Antigua in Guatemala. I look forward to sharing more on my experience in Central America.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 3

Day 3 of discussing a quote that has the potential impact lives on a daily basis. This quote is directly in line with what my father used to tell me as I grew up - that the one thing you can control - day after day - is your attitude.

"Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?"

Initial Thoughts: Heard that one before. Is it someone's attitude that is contagious or is it just that some people have the "it" quality of being influential. Attitudes are contagious and extremely important in tackling life's challenges.

Digging Deeper: Your attitude is so important and relevant to your ultimate destination in life. Attitudes, as the quote indicates, drive behavior and are very transparent to those around you. Those who understand that their attitude is something that they can control everyday, from the moment they step foot out of bed, tend to have a more positive outlook on life and of course - tend to be more successful in multiple facets of life.

I've found that it's common for negative attitudes to persist when faced with a problem, and more specifically a problem that you have little experience with handling. Or it's a deep-rooted problem, such as a high level of debt where you may struggle seeing the long-term effect of working harder now to pay off a little more each month. Such situations are ripe for a negative attitude, which lead to negative actions that bring down your ability to directly address the problem, or reach a goal of paying off that debt.

What to Walk Away With: If there are aspects of your life that you do not enjoy, that you dread, that suck, that aren't ideal in your opinion - try inspecting your attitude towards these things that bring down your ultimate level of happiness and fulfillment. Like anything in life, it takes practice and repitition. Continuous reminders will help. Reading books on the subject will keep your mind fresh and ready for new challenges - and more importantly give you new ideas and positive ways to overcome the challenges you are currently facing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 2

Day 2 of discussing an impactful quote! I am trying to develop a community of readers by providing some insight into positive thinking and consious living - and the impact those to things can have your life and its overall state of happiness.

"I think, therefore I am"

Initial Thoughts: Here is a very simple quote that simply relates your conscious thoughts to forming who you are in reality - linking your thoughts to reality. We've all heard and said as a child "you are what you eat!" - well the same holds true in life relative to your thoughts - You are what you think!

Digging Deeper: This quote is famous not just because it is simple, but because it is so very true if you believe it. So much of what we do on a daily basis is dependent upon our frame of mind and the overall health of the thoughts that we are processing in our brains. It ties into the importance of brainstorming and visualizing how an important test, big presentation, or a much anticipated date will go in your head before it actually happens. If you are nervous, lack confidence, or don't believe in yourself - well let's just say the chances are slim that this event will go exactly the way that you desire. IF, you visualize the successful outcome of the event and believe in yourself, this hot date or big presentation already has a much better chance of turning out in your favor. Your behavior and overall life circumstances are a direct consequence of the thoughts that you have - because your thoughts are the basis for making decisions.

What to Walk Away With: Knowing that you are in control of your life and the decisions you make is important to understand. A basis of values and principles by which you live your life is a must, but it begins with your frame of mind. On one token - it's turning your way of thinking when something bad happens to you into something that doesn't affect your overall being and character. How do you think - When someone angers you? When someone steals from you? If you feel as though you have been wronged? If you feel like you have been dealt a bad hand? At these potentially negative points in your life, you think and you are responsible for your actions.

The other side of the token is overcoming daily challenges at home, work or elsewhere in your life. It's thinking that you can overcome and succeed - then TELLING yourself how you overcome and succeed while envisioning the end goal coming into fruition.

10 Days of Inspirational Quotes & Thoughts: Day 1

Inspirational quotes can make a difference in a life when taken to heart and thought about beyond the surface.

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." By Leon J. Suenes

Initial Thoughts: At first this quote almost seems a bit harsh - relative to paying the price for your dreams to come true. Is it going to be some sort of miserable experience for me to make my dream come true? Doesn't sound so much like a dream if I gotta pay the price!

Digging Deeper: Upon digestion of the quote, paying the price implies that it's not often that your dream comes true by falling into your lap. Now that would ideal, that would be nice - but it's not reality. What dreams coming true and paying the price have in common is what I like to call hard work, persistence, and a level of determination that surpasses any obstacle in your journey to the end, to your dream.

What to Walk Away With: While many of us dread waking up in the morning to go to work, or tackle that particular day's abundance of what seem to be meaningless, purposeless tasks - many are waking up everyday to live out their dream. Dreams are coming true - literally everyday - all over the country, all over the world. And what these people have in common, is a focused passion that doesn't die off after a week of motivated initiative. It's a continued effort keeping the end goal in mind day in and day out. It's continuously assessing progress relative to short term and long term goals. It's slowing down, paying the price, investing the time, to make those dreams a reality.

Monday, June 22, 2009

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."

If you can set your mind to something, you can achieve it. It's very similar to my prior post of the great quote, "If you think you can or can't, you're right." Basically, what I take away from this particular quote is to recognize, discover, learn your passion, your dream, and figure out a way to incorporate that into your everyday life. The first step is crucial - recognizing what really makes you happy or what you truly are passionate about. And it's funny because often times you belittle your passion and tell yourself that it's not worth persuing as a dream or a career. Take me for example, I'm not yet living out my "dream" persay, but I understand that it's possible for me to get there.

Once you recognize your passion, you can then, in some way, use that passion to fuel your fire. Begin slow, begin small - and give something a chance to snowball. My father once told me something about time that I will never forget - it's unforgiveable. You can't get it back in any capacity. Today comes and goes, and never comes back. BUT, your actions today, can be used to build something greater, something worthwhile and lasting if you don't let it pass you by.

So maybe take a few minutes everyday, or maybe once a week on Sunday night before the week starts and write down something you can do that week to get a little bit closer to your passion or your dream....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to it...

So after posting twice to this blog and dropping it, I'm deciding to commit myself to posting to it once per day. Not only do I feel as though I can contribute something and help out in some way, it is therapeutic for me to write my thoughts on why it is so helpful to keep things in perspective and live consciously as you progress through life. And if my thoughts, or my interpretation of other's thoughts can somehow help or alter someone's frame of mind, someone in need of a new way of thinking to get over a certain challenge in their life, then that's what will make me continue writing.

First off, my air conditioning doesn't work, so I'm sitting here typing, as I sit and exert zero physical energy, just SWEATING. But, not to worry, I'll get over it.

Second, let's get into some real stuff. I was in a Barnes & Noble last week and I picked up the book The 7 Habits of Effective People and started paging through it. Seemed interesting - picked it up from the library. As I first started reading it a very interesting concept was spelled out. Paradigm.

Each and every person views the world through their own individual and unique paradigm. Our views, thoughts, values, opinions, principles are all in direct relation to how exactly we view the world - and our behaviour is a direct result of our paradigm. Think of it this way - each person has their own set of glasses on - and your paradigm acts as your lens, your filter as to how you interpret the world.

Now here's the fun part - we all have flaws and ways we'd like to improve our lives - or ways we think our lives could be better. Most of us know what would make our lives better - "If I could just lose the weight that I've put on over the last two tough years" - or - "If I just spent a little more time on my family, at home, life could be simpler, better".

So a great place to start is to gain a deeper understanding of your own paradigm. Reach beyond your paradigm, your lens, and spend some time viewing the world in a different light.

I'll be posting more. I'm a bit rusty. But better stuff is on the way!!

You only live once.
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